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Why we sell what we sell....

There isn't any shortage of shops selling vintage clothing jewelry and antiques.  And the names of the shops are all carefully considered.  You have a right to know what we do different and why we do it.

It's part of our mission statement to sell only high quality items.  Clothing, accessories, jewelry or antiques.  So far nothing different than anyone else says.

We have one criteria above all else.  Even more than top quality.  We look for items that fit our description of elegant.  Elegance, the idea that anything we sell has a value above price and above styles.  Elegance isn't a style, it's a look.  Whether it's size 0 or size 24.  We want the items we sell to make you feel elegant.  Beautiful dresses, coats hats and furs.  To have you be noticed, and when they do to think... elegant.

For men, the cut of a suit, the fabric of a jacket, the class and sass of legendary shoes. Elegant and elegance for men.  The way you look in a quality suit, or a handsome over coat. To catch yourself in a mirror and know you look good.

And nothing finer than elegant antiques.  Sensational old lamps, clocks and decor.  A stunning table service of old silver plate.and antique dinnerware.  A little jealousy for those who don't have what you have.  Imagine ur home and table glistening under the lights.  The moment guests to your home know its elegant.  Elegance.

It's what we do 

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